How to Use Wash-Away Stitch Stabilizer

How to Use Wash-Away Stitch Stabilizer

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Oct 27th 2016

So we have this amazing product in our shop that our publisher, Amy Marson, cannot stop talking about: Wash-Away Stitch Stabilizer. Amy swears by the Wash-Away Stitch Stabilizer for all of her embroidery and appliqué—and today we wanted to show you why!

First of all, it's easy to use! The 8 1/2" x 11" sheets fit perfectly into standard printers, so you can easily print appliqué or embroidery designs straight from your computer, like this quilt label design. (Or trace a design, or copy it, or freehand your own design—totally up to you!

The sheets are backed with adhesive, so once your have your design on the stabilizer, all you need to do is stick it to your fabric and start stitching! This is where the magic comes in—with that extra stability, you'll find it much easier to work on delicate fabrics, plus you'll be able to create a design using a dense embroidery pattern, like in the beautiful flowers below. 

After the stabilizer is rinsed away—and it really does work!—you're left with your gorgeous design. Just run your piece under water or soak it for five minutes and the stabilizer will be completely gone. 

Then for the final step: add in the label information and prepare for the gift recipient to be totally wowed!

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