How to Quilt a Starburst Filler

How to Quilt a Starburst Filler

Posted by Angela Walters on Oct 22nd 2019

Angela Walter's Shape by Shape, Collection 2 is chockfull of amazing free-motion quilting designs—and we get to share one with you today! Scroll down for instructions, variation ideas, and a giveaway. 

This design works from side to side and is easy to stitch freehand, with no need to mark. You can change the density of the design by making the lines closer together or farther apart. The Starburst design works in areas of any size, even inside blocks.

Tip: Even though I am demonstrating this design working down the quilt, you could do it in any direction. Try quilting it from the bottom up, or in a horizontal direction going from side to side.

1. Starting from either side, quilt a straight line for a couple of inches. Stop and quilt a star, or asterisk shape, by quilting up a vertical line that extends above and below your straight line, returning to the middle. Add 2 diagonal lines in alternate directions, with all lines meeting in the center.

2. Continue quilting your way across the area by alternating between straight lines and stars until you reach the other edge.

3. Travel up or down 1/2 ̋ along the edge of the quilting area (whether it’s a seam or the edge of the quilt) and quilt back in the opposite direction. Stagger the placement of the stars so they fall between the stars in the previous row.

Note: Offsetting your stars will help the lines fit closer together and will make your quilting more dense.


Want a different look? Here are a couple of fun-to-stitch variations.

Quilt just the tops of each star for a grassy look that’s especially great for landscape or art quilts.

Create a grassy look by quilting only the tops of the stars.

Make it a meander. Instead of quilting in straight rows, change directions as you stitch. This is especially helpful if you are quilting on a sewing machine because you can work in sections instead of straight across the quilt.

Make the lines meander across the quilt.

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