How To Organize Your Quilt Projects: Tips From Shannon Brinkley

Posted by Lynn Merrill on Sep 17th 2014

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In honor of #NationalSewingMonth, please welcome Shannon Brinkley, who is sharing how she keeps her quilt projects organized! We're all ears (ahem...eyes), Shannon!

When I was writing Scrappy Bits Appliqué (and, let’s be honest, always!) I had multiple quilts that I was working on at any given time. I know I'm not the only one in this boat. Ever start a project, then get really excited about a new one, and start a 2nd or 3rd project before ever finishing the first? Me too.

Here is how I keep my projects (and myself) organized. I keep all fabric, batting, etc. for a project in its own basket. This helps me to avoid piles of fabric all over my studio! It keeps all the materials together, and makes it very easy to pull out and start working on an old project. I keep these baskets on a shelf until they are needed.

I also make a planning sheet for each project, that way I can plan, track my “to do’s”, and keep all ideas for the project in one spot. It also just helps my brain to have all of my plans and project progress written down so I don’t forget about any or feel overwhelmed. Here is the PDF of my Make a Plan sheet; feel free to download it and use it for your own projects!

I keep all my sheets on a single clipboard for easy reference. I attach fabric swatches with a glue stick!

I hope this helps you to keep your projects (and sewing table) nice and organized! Here are a couple of the quilt projects I was able to finish by staying organized! Both are available in my book,  Scrappy Bits Applique.

Around the World Quilt

Fallen Leaves Throw Pillows


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