How To: Create a Row Minder

How To: Create a Row Minder

Posted by Ruth Ann Berry on Sep 16th 2015

Ever had trouble keeping track of your rows while quilting? No longer! For National Sewing Month, Ruth Ann Berry, author of Bargello–Quilts in Motion, is sharing her handy trick. 

One of the challenges of building a row-based quilt is keeping track of where you are in the pattern. Create a simple row minder using a piece of paper or a semi-opaque plastic report cover, tape, and a paper clip or project clip. Cut the paper or report cover into four pieces: two 11˝ x 2˝ pieces and two 4 1/4˝ x 1/4˝ pieces. Lay the two larger pieces side by side with exactly a 1/4˝ space between them. Tape the smaller pieces across the top and bottom of the two larger pieces to create a 1/4˝ wide “window.” Use a paper clip or project clip to hold the row minder in place on your pattern. Now keeping track of rows is easy!

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Congratulations to Debra M., winner of the giveaway! We hope you have a great time making the quilts, and an easy time keeping track of the rows! Thank you so much to everyone else who entered.

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