How to Clean a Self-Healing Cutting Mat

How to Clean a Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Posted by Sarah Markos on Sep 18th 2017

Hello sewing friends. My name is Sarah Markos from Blue Susan Makes, and I have a little tip to share with you today in honor of National Sewing Month. My very favorite sewing tools are my rotary cutter and my self-healing mat. I use them with almost every sewing project I ever make. Seriously, what did people do before these were invented?! I love to sew handbags, and I use my rotary cutter to quickly cut out the pieces I need. Unfortunately, whenever I cut felt or fusible fleece interfacings, the fibers get stuck in the cut lines, and I end up with a fuzzy mat. Does this happen to you?

I used to avoid cutting my interfacings with a rotary cutter, but it is just so much faster than scissors! So, I found a way to take care of the problem, and I'm going to show you how to make cleaning your cutting mat a breeze. Want to know the secret weapon? Clear packaging tape! Here's the trick…

1. Cut a piece of tape large enough to make a tape circle that fits around the four fingers of your hand (with the sticky side out, of course).

2. Slightly bend the cutting mat to open up the cuts in the surface. They are still there even though it’s hard to see them when the mat is flat.

3. Drag the tape along the mat allowing the sticky tape to grab all that fuzz. Change the bending direction if necessary to get all of it.

4. Continue to bend the mat and clean it across the entire surface. Get a fresh piece of tape when it's no longer sticky. I used about 3 pieces for mine. See all that fuzz?

It really only takes a few minutes, and your mat will be clean and ready for your next project in no time!

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Happy National Sewing Month!

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