How to Bead: Fireworks

How to Bead: Fireworks

Posted by Mary Stori on Jun 27th 2016

This design adds energy by drawing the eye around and out.

1. Use the Washer/Nut Method to attach a large and a small seed bead.

2. On wrong side, travel about 1/4" away, come up at B, attach a seed bead using Single-Bead Backstitch.

3. Travel again on wrong side, come up about 1/4" away at C. Repeat, adding beads around center unit, making as many rounds as desired. 

Washer/Nut Method

1. Come up at A, string a large bead and a smaller bead (larger than the hole of the large bead). Pass needle back through hole of large bead at B, through to wrong side, bypassing smaller bead. Tie off.

Single-Bead Backstitch

1. Do a lock stitch, string a seed bead.

2. Go down at A, one bead width from where thread last came up, toward 12 o'clock. Bead will cover lock stitch. Stitch length should equal exact size of bead.

This design comes from Mary Stori's book, the All-in-One Beading Buddy

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