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How to Add the Perfect Quilting to an Appliqué Quilt

Posted by Liz Aneloski on Jan 27th 2016

Just one of the many great projects, from many great designers, in Casey York’s new book, The Appliqué Book; Traditional Techniques, Modern Style, is Jenifer Dick’s Belle the Squirrel, Circa 1975, quilted by Kelly Cline. The blocks in this quilt are a perfect example of how creative quilting can change the entire look and feel of the quilt.

Belle the Squirrel, 80 1/2'' x 93 1/2'', designed and made by Jenifer Dick, quilted by Kelly Cline, 2014

The easy appliqué block starts out looking like a simple silhouette, but comes alive with the addition of quilting stitches to bring out the different areas of the squirrel’s body. Simple and perfect. More interest is added with the addition of easy echo quilting and circles in the background.

Your quilting doesn’t have to be complicated. Look at the individual elements of your quilt. How can you use simple quilting designs to add depth, dimension, or movement?

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