Holiday Gift Ideas for Your “Slow Stitching” Friends!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your “Slow Stitching” Friends!

Posted by Christen Brown on Nov 16th 2023

Fall is in the air, and the holidays are right around the corner. If you are like me, I think that this is the perfect time to get your gift list started. Are you looking for the something unique for your creative stitching friends? If so, I have a few suggestions for you!

I have two new fun and useful products that came out this year, that any “slow stitcher” would be happy with. The first is the Periodic Table of Embroidery Stitches Poster which would be a fun addition to any workspace. The second is my new Embroidery Stencils, Crazy Quilt Seam Design Collection. These stencils make stitching a breeze. Then a great addition to either gift, would be the Hand Embroidery Dictionary, with over 500+ embroidery stitches.

Let me tell you more about my suggestions!

Periodic Table of Embroidery Stitches Poster

Your favorite embroidery stitches at a glance!

This is my colorful new poster, the Periodic Table of Embroidery Stitches. There are over 190 stitches, that will surely inspire your friends, to want to take a stitch, whether they be beginners or experts!

The 20" x 30" poster is broken down into 19 categories, such as chain stitches, blanket stitches, and knotted stitches. Each square on the Periodic Table of Embroidery Stitches features a close-up photo of an embroidery stitch, the stitched name, and the page number from the Hand Embroidery Dictionary so you can quickly identify and replicate dozens of stitches.

Embroidery Stencils, Crazy Quilt Seam Design Collection

Perfect crazy quilting seam designs every time!

This is my newest set of embroidery stencils, which are a perfect gift for both the beginner and expert stitcher who want to achieve accurate stitching every time. Designed for crazy quilt embroidery, the Crazy Quilt Seam Design Collection feature 90 seam design motifs to mix and match, which offer endless seam combinations for the crazy quilt embroidery enthusiast.

The collection of four 4” x 8” templates are made from durable plastic and include a 16- page how-to booklet with clear instructions for each stitch. These flexible, durable, translucent templates make seeing your fabric and seams easy!

Hand Embroidery Dictionary

The complete go-to guide for all things embroidery!

If your stitching friends are serious “slow stitchers,” they will surely be interested in my book the Hand Embroidery Dictionary, with 500+ stitches from the basics for beginners to more complex designs for advanced stitchers.

This book includes everything you need to know about embroidery, all bundled into one helpful how-to guide! Start simple and learn how to choose tools and threads, achieve the perfect stitch, and then start designing your unique embroidery project.

I have organized the book by stitch category, and I break down the basic stitch like the lazy daisy and chain stitches, so that the reader can successfully learn the stitch and move on to the more advanced variations. These basic to complex stitches come with step-by-step instructions and offer both left-hand and right-hand illustrations.

This book would be perfect to combine with either the Periodic Table of Embroidery Stitches Poster or the Embroidery Stencils, Crazy Quilt Seam Design Collection.

Happiest of holidays, and happy stitching to you all! 



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