Hints on How to Organize

Hints on How to Organize

Posted by Cinzia White on Sep 20th 2019

Hi again!

Cinzia here with my book, The Storyteller’s Sampler Quilt, that has just been released by C&T.

Today I just want to give you a couple of hints on how to organize yourself so that you too can enjoy making your own quilt.

The quilt, Raconteur - The Storyteller’s Collection, took six years to design and it was the perfect take-anywhere project.

My sewing tin is just 3in square and it can hold three blocks plus sewing bits. So find something small and always keep the project with you for those few spare minutes you find.

The photographed project-in-progress, Yvonne’s Mystery, is perfect if you like miniature foundation piecing. In a block that barely covers your palm there are well over 100 pieces.

In the book you have 359, mostly original, full size hexagon designs, each with step-by-step directions. Just check it out …. there are over 2,000 step by step illustrations to show you how each block is constructed. I guess you can tell that I am as proud as punch about that fact I’m also the illustrator!

If you do decide to buy the hard copy you simply place a piece of freezer paper over the block and trace it to make your full sized templates. More detail about this is provided in the book.

If you decide to buy the e-copy then on my blog, https://cinziawhite.com you will find a post, How to Print on Freezer Paper with a Laser or Inkjet Printer.

You should also check out the Tot 10 Tutes on Linda Franz’s blog, https://lindafranz.com/blog/ for instructions on ‘How to Print Custom Page Sizes’. These two resources will make your task so much easier.

Please be sure to look out for my Quilt-A-Long starting on December 2nd! It will kick off here on C&T Publishing and active participants will receive an advanced supplementary pattern. Stay tuned!

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