Highly Addictive String Quilts

Highly Addictive String Quilts

Posted by Debbie Rodgers on Oct 31st 2018

Bonnie’s latest book, String Frenzy, is a fabulously colorful collection of quilts. In quilting lingo, a string is a skinny strip of fabric 3/4’’ to 2’’ wide.

I had lot of fun working with Bonnie on this book, and I found something I liked in every one of the quilts.

I love the riotous use of color in Xing! Yes, you can make it with a more controlled group of colors, but I love the wild scrappiness, contained by the use of the single-color sashing and cornerstones.

The curved illusion in Serpentine Web has me thinking of rainbows, with all the possibilities of using small bits and strings.

And then Daybreak is a great use of scrappy four-patches, with string sashings and borders, controlled by the consistent background in the blocks and inner border.

Oh, the possibilities! I can’t wait to get started! I have a collection of strings, including some inherited from my husband’s grandmother, plus a few bags from friends. And, as Bonnie notes, “Oh, and did I tell you? String quilts are highly addictive. I dare you to make just one.”

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