Happy National Bow Tie Day!

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Happy National Bow Tie Day everyone! Why is there a holiday dedicated to bow ties, you may be asking? Because bow ties are cool of course! Seriously though, check out the website for National Bow Tie Day–not only do they explain why bow ties are such an awesome fashion accessory, they also cover different bow tie shapes and the history of how the bow tie came to be. Did you know all modern neckties originated with Croatian soldiers tying pieces of cloth around their neck to hold their shirt collars together?

How will you be celebrating National Bow Tie Day (aside from wearing a bow tie, of course)? We have the perfect suggestion–make a quilt out of them! What better way to celebrate such an iconic fashion accessory? And what would make a better gift for that special bow tie-loving man (or woman) in your life?

Christine Copenhaver's book, Necktie Quilts Reinvented is the definitive book on making quilts from neckties, covering washing, cutting without templates, choosing color combinations, and working with slippery, silky fabric–essentially, everything you need to know to make a beautiful quilt out of neckties. A review in Canadian Quilter Magazine called it the "best necktie book I have ever seen."

Whether you make a bow tie quilt for yourself or as a gift, or even just wear a bow tie for the day, we hope you celebrate National Bow Tie Day in style!

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