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Handmade Treasures and Clothes in Me & My 18" Doll

Posted by Erin Hentzel on Sep 27th 2019

This is Mayme Brown.

She planted a seed within me a long time ago, when we both looked very different. A seed that grew into a love of handmade things.

Mayme sewed many of my clothes that I wore as a child and I loved wearing them. I remember believing she put much care into the clothes she handmade for me.

I lived a couple states away and I saw her twice a year, Christmas time and summertime. At Christmas time, she baked delicious treats and displayed many handmade decorations, including handmade gifts that she had received from friends and piano students. She truly appreciated all the handmade gifts she had received over the years. I loved staying at her home and never minded the long road trip to her house.

Postage Stamp Suitcase 

Mayme, who was one of the most talented seamstresses I’ve known, was also a most patient teacher. She would often have a fun project for me to sew during those summer visits. Though I remember her voice carefully explaining how to do something, what I remember most is how she made me feel. She helped me to feel capable, as if I could do just about anything. While sewing in my bedroom alone for hours, I never once doubted that I could sew whatever I imagined. I guess that attitude toward sewing still exists within me today.

Nature Walk Twirl Skirt and Lacy Top: bonus pattern ( 

I was 10 when I first learned to use a sewing machine, on a machine that my dad brought home one Saturday afternoon, a vintage Singer cabinet table and machine. I quickly claimed it and it lived in my room. I spent much of my free time figuring out how to sew the different things that I imagined. I was designing and drafting without really thinking too much about it. Sewing gifts for my friends, I learned that you often think about the person while creating handmade gifts-your feelings for them get sewn into each seam. That’s something I love about handmade.

Me & My 18” Doll is full of projects to handmake, projects specially designed for little girls and their doll friends: sweet quilts, pretty dresses, and accessories to gift, sleepwear, twirling playwear, and suitcases perfect for her summer travels to Grandma’s house.

PJ Set and Nightie 

My book is dedicated to my grandma Mayme; she sparked my love of handmade and kindled my love of sewing all those years ago. I thought of her often while writing this book. Mayme always made us grandkids feel as if we were each the most important person to walk through her door, as she would announce our arrival with her exclamation, “Ta-da!” Mayme planted the seed with her handmade treasures and clothes she made for me; the clothes so vivid in my mind still today.

With whom will share your love of handmade and plant a seed? 

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