Getting Messy with Hand-Printing Studio

Getting Messy with Hand-Printing Studio

Posted by Lynn Koolish on Mar 23rd 2016

Betsy Olmsted’s book, Hand-Printing Studio, is a visual delight, full of easy-to-do projects with loads of how-to photos that make it easy to learn the techniques and make the projects at home.

I don’t know about you, but my studio never looks like photos in books, all neat and tidy with everything neatly stored and arranged, so I really appreciate what Betsy said in the introduction to her book:

“I remember saying to Sara, my friend and photographer, countless times that I could not believe we managed to capture such neat and clean process images, while being surrounded by so much studio chaos! Do not be intimidated by the photos; you will make a mess while printing. Some of the things you do not see is all of the masking tape stuck to the back of the tablecloth or the piles of unwashed spatulas, spoons, and palettes.”

So preparing myself to get messy, I think I’m going to start with the squirrel (also known as the tomato thief).

Go ahead and pick your favorite project and prepare to get messy!

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