Get Creative with the “Vegan Leather” Design Collective in kraft-tex Creations!

Get Creative with the “Vegan Leather” Design Collective in kraft-tex Creations!

Posted by Katie Van Amburg on Sep 24th 2019

Who doesn’t love kraft-tex? kraft-tex Creations, a Design Collective book compiled by Lindsay Conner, features eighteen projects by twelve designers experimenting with all that kraft-tex has to offer.

And it has a lot to offer, indeed! Half-paper, half-fabric, this versatile material is ideal for crafting and sewing. Also called “vegan leather,” it looks, feels, and wears like leather, but sews, cuts, and washes like fabric. It’s durable enough for items that get tough wear—like bags and wallets—even after washing.

The Rainbow Crossbody Bag—a perfect example of the beautiful results you can get from dyeing kraft-tex, using Mary E. Flynn’s shibori method. Plus, this rugged material will stand the test of time!

Best of all, kraft-tex is a playground for surface design! You can dye, stamp, paint, inkjet print, draw, or embroider onto it. It also comes in many colors, such as Turquoise and Orchid, so you can customize your project.

Use cut-outs to make unique, fashionable jewelry from kraft-tex, like this Modern Art Necklace by Normajean Brevik.

From quick, easy ideas to get you started with kraft-tex to full-length projects that offer more of a challenge, this book has something for everyone!

kraft-tex is absolutely perfect for making these Journal Necklaces by Lindsay Conner. Make a ton and give them out as gifts for any occasion!

Eighteen total projects will inspire you to get creating with kraft-tex. No matter your style, design needs, or medium, there’s something for you!

Use kraft-tex to achieve that “vegan leather” effect for a unique, gorgeous wallet, such as the Tuck Flap Wallet by Susan Leath.

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