Free-Motion Design for Triangles

Free-Motion Design for Triangles

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Apr 23rd 2019

Wondering how to quilt all those triangles? Take some inspiration from this fun design by Angela Walters. Then check out her book, Shape by Shape Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters, for even more ideas! 

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This design is perfect for medium to larger triangles but doesn't fit in smaller triangles as easily. It's also appropriate for square-shaped blocks.

1. Starting from the middle of one side of the triangle, quilt a straight line toward the opposite point, stopping slightly right of center, approximately 1/4 ̋ to 1/2 ̋ from the edge of the block. Echo down diagonally about 1 ̋ and return to the starting point.

2. Quilt another triangular shape to the side of the first triangle. Return to the starting point.

3. Quilt the other side of the triangle the same way.


Shifting the design to start from a corner is a seemingly small change, but it changes the appearance noticeably.

Rotating this design is a quick way to give it a different look.

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