Free Project: Mini Log Cabin Quilts with Pattern Flex

Free Project: Mini Log Cabin Quilts with Pattern Flex

Posted by Erin Hentzel on Sep 12th 2023

Hello, everyone! I've been having such a great time playing around with all the uses for Pattern Flex

Today, I'm sharing a foundation piecing Mini Log Cabin Quilt free project with you. The Mini Log Cabin blocks finish at 3 1/2" and with 1/2" finished width, I would not want to do this without Pattern Flex

Unlike paper foundation piecing, you don't have to remove it. It does tear easily, but it's a huge time saver not to. It also doesn't dull the needle, which is a plus. It's easy to see through, so I didn't spend extra time holding the block up to the light to see if the fabric is properly aligned. I've been primarily using Pattern Flex for printing patterns for small projects, but it has so many other uses. Another great use is to stabilize the beginning of the seam. 

Download the Mini Log Cabin free project here.

I hope you enjoy this project and try Pattern Flex next time you're foundation piecing a project! 


Erin Hentzel first fell in love with sewing as a child when she began making stuffed animals and doll clothes. Today, she runs the sewing pattern company Avery Lane and teaches sewing classes near her home in Willamette Valley, Oregon.