Forty Years of Love in Quilt Form

Forty Years of Love in Quilt Form

Posted by Donna Lynn Thomas on Nov 3rd 2017

Excerpted from The Anniversary Sampler Quilt: 40 Traditional Blocks, 7 Keepsake Settings by Donna Lynn Thomas.

Forty Years of Love, designed, pieced, and appliquéd by Donna Lynn Thomas, machine quilted by Denise Mariano, 92˝ × 92˝.

Clay’s Choice


40 years ago I fell in love—twice. I met the love of my life and made my first quilt (for him). What wonderful years both of those passions have brought.

Gentle Breeze

Certain life events are the cause for celebration and remembrance. We feel the need to mark these passages of time with something concrete, something of special significance, something full of meaning and stories. What else is a quilter to do but make a quilt?

Posy Basket

We often think of anniversaries in terms of weddings, but they are so much more. They’re yearly commemorations of a life event or a milestone. Anything important is worthy of an anniversary remembrance. We can find great joy in remembering that first kiss, a life-altering decision, a birth, a graduation, an adventure, and yes—even that first quilt!

Yankee Puzzle

Just as the aroma of baking bread or the melody of a favorite song can transport us to a different time, so too can quilt blocks. We quilters all have our favorites that we find ourselves making over and over again and still others that are tied to important events and special memories.


I chose my favorite 40 quilt blocks . . .Each block told a story. Each print, whether silky or coarse, from riotous scarlet to quieter burgundy and lovely pink, sent me musing upon past days. Recalling some of these stories had me in tears, while others made me laugh all over again. What treasures these memories are. . .

Cupid’s Arrow

Stories and memories of many years, whether joyful, sad, funny, or poignant, are held in each of these blocks. I’ll bet some spark memories for you, too. Come join me as I celebrate 40 years of quilting and love . . . What will you commemorate in a quilt of your own?

My Three Vets

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