Foolproof Freeform Embroidery Virtual Book Tour

Foolproof Freeform Embroidery Virtual Book Tour

Jun 3rd 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Jennifer Clouston's Virtual Book Tour for Foolproof Freeform Embroidery starts tomorrow!

"In this book I will take a few of the most common embroidery stitches and transform them into barely recognizable nuggets of goodness! Together we will work through the stages of creating a bespoke piece of embroidery by going off the beaten track and having a little fun. I hope this book inspires you to create something that reflects a whole lot more of... you. Using your very own skills and materials to uncover your unique stitch fingerprint. Join me as I go through my process of stitching, creating, and enjoying the wonderful feeling of pulling needle and thread through fabric." —Jennifer Clouston

For Jennifer's Virtual Book Tour, many of the contributors agreed to join in and help celebrate the release of Foolproof Freeform Embroidery. Follow along to learn more about the making of the book and read candid reviews. The full schedule is below.

Win a free ebook copy!

With some stops on blogs and others on social media platforms, you’ll have multiple opportunities to win an ebook copy of Foolproof Freeform Embroidery by interacting with the posts along the way!

See you on the tour!

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After the runaway success of her third book, Foolproof Flower Embroidery, textile artist, fourth-time author, and sought-after tutor Jennifer Clouston is back with her novel take on traditional embroidery. She currently resides on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.