Foolproof Crazy-Quilt Projects

Foolproof Crazy-Quilt Projects

Posted by Jennifer Clouston on Mar 1st 2016

For my new book, Foolproof Crazy-Quilt Projects, I felt very privileged to work with the team at C&T Publishing again; Liz, Amy, Gailen, April, and Mary had worked with me on my first book, Foolproof Crazy Quilting.

Priscilla, Debbie, Jenny, Freesia, and Joanna were on board for this book. I often wonder how they felt when they saw how much work the stitch maps would entail. I am beyond happy with the end result and I LOVE the cover.

My main objective when writing a book is to make the reader feel capable; I try to make each project achievable to all levels of stitchers. I feel, too, that there is space for the more experienced crazy quilter to add to the seam treatments.

I would love to encourage a new generation of crazy quilters and thought it best to keep the projects user-friendly and the seam treatments clear and uncluttered.

I combined English paper piecing, men's wool suiting, and feminine silk-ribbon embroidery for this project. I find the juxtaposition between the masculine wool suiting and the soft silk of the embroidery interesting.

My favorite project by far is the little sewing basket, for reasons I cannot explain. Like so many of us, I have a collection of vintage embroidered doilies in my stash and decided to "cheat" a little and add them to the panels of the basket.

Suffolk Puffs or yo-yos add a whimsical touch. The beaded glove stitch is pretty as well as functional.

One of my favorite fabrics to work on at the moment is a Japanese yarn-dyed fabric called "sakizome momen." It works well for the iPad purse and is a great backdrop for the glorious colors of Colour Streams range of threads, silk ribbon, and sequins.

My mother's favorite project is the Spring Flower Bag. Once again, the Japanese woven cottons were a treat to work with. I added a few dimensional embroidery stitches for texture.

The sewing pouch I made for myself as I always seem to walk off with my students' scissors, marking pens, etc.!

The summer slippers are a touch of whimsy and fun.

The hexagon purse is a perfect size for transporting your English paper-piecing paraphernalia.

The wool tea cozy was a dream to make–who does not love working with felted wool?

I am always drawn to Victorian crazy quilting–this trinket box is my modern take on classic black fabrics. The little button stack feet make me smile.

Lastly, the little sunglasses purse or sewing caddy. Once again, I have used a vintage hand towel as my focal point. However, for the more experienced embroiders, this can be replaced by a piece of their own handwork.

Once again, I need to thank all those from C&T who worked on Foolproof Crazy-Quilt Projects–I think it is quite lovely.

And a special mention must go to my husband Vaughn, whose help in so many ways is invaluable to me.


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