Finding Inspiration… in Magazines!

Finding Inspiration… in Magazines!

Posted by Jen Lopez on Jan 11th 2023


When you think of where quilters are most likely to find inspiration you might immediately think of online resources, such as Instagram, Pinterest and a wide variety of quilting blogs. But did you know that 85% of “dedicated quilters” look for inspiration and information about quilt making from magazines? According to the Quilting in America™ 2017* survey, a Dedicated Quilter is one who spends $500 or more per year on the hobby, including books, magazines, fabric, tools, supplies, etc. The survey also revealed these other fun facts about Dedicated Quilters and their magazines:

  • Dedicated Quilters have spent an average of $136 on books, magazines, and DVDs in the past 12 months.
  • They read an average of 3.4 magazines regularly and spend an average of 6 hours a month reading quilting-related magazines.
  • The top reasons they read magazines is to learn new tips and techniques (88%), get quilt making inspiration (75%), find out about quilting products (63%), look at photos of quilts (62%), and find block patterns (60%).

I personally enjoy reading a lot of quilting magazines, both the grocery store variety and the high end, specialty magazines. To me, the appeal of magazines are many: no glaring “screen time” and no hunching over a computer; magazines are battery-free and can be enjoyed anywhere, from a couch, pool or airplane to an office building while you are you are stuck waiting for a boring appointment; you can cut out images for a vision board; you can cut out pictures and file away patterns for a later date, in your “someday I’ll have time to make this” pile; and finally, they are made by industry design professionals so they are very pretty and enjoyable to just sit back and absorb.

The next time you are looking for quilting inspiration, education, or simply relaxation, pick up a magazine or two!

*Presented by The Quilting Company brands: Fons & Porter, McCall’s Quilting, Quilters Newsletter, Quiltmaker, and Quilting Arts in cooperation with Quilts, Inc., producers of International Quilt Market & International Quilt Festival.


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