Fashion Sewing Mistakes to Avoid Making

Fashion Sewing Mistakes to Avoid Making

Posted by Cassie Steele on Apr 12th 2018

Photo from The Savvy Seamstress

One of the hottest fashion trends for 2018 isn’t a new coat shape or style of shoe; it is sewing. The Fortune Magazine Investor's Guide found that sewing is one of the most promising hobbies, so millions of Americans (as well as their children!) are picking the hobby up. This is very useful if you want to make or repair your own clothes, but there are certain fashion sewing mistakes that you will want to avoid making.

Using a fabric that isn’t ideal for your design

It can be tempting to skip plain fabrics for more fun patterned pieces, but this can be problematic if you are following a complicated design that is supposed to be made with plain fabric. This is because patterned fabrics can easily look messy or not properly lined up, especially if the design is complex and requires the fabric to be cut up and sewn back together. So make sure that you stick to the recommended fabric—or try a different pattern design with a fabric you prefer!

Photo from Sew ... The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge

Trying to lay pattern pieces in both directions

Another common problem that beginner sewists encounter is trying to lay pattern pieces in both directions, especially if using one-directional prints or napped fabrics. If you are trying to make a dress out of suede, satin, or velvet, and you lay both pieces of fabrics in different directions, they may end up looking like two different shades of the same color. For this reason, it is important to make sure that one-directional fabrics are laid in the same direction.

Photo from Sew ... The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge

Overlooking small details

If you are adjusting or making your own clothes, take the time to consider how additional sewn elements or small accessories could make the outfit. A pocket square or pocket detailing can add a lot of style to an outfit, so consider adding a small detail to your design. This will also make your clothes more original and unique!

Photo from The Tunic Bible

Sewing is a great hobby, especially if you want to make your own clothes. Just make sure that you remember these common fashion sewing mistakes so that you don’t make any mistakes with your own clothes! This means that you are more likely to enjoy your fashion sewing experience.

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