Fashion for Dolls

Fashion for Dolls

Posted by Erin Hentzel on Oct 25th 2018

Doll clothes are miniature versions of fashion designs for people. At least that's how I imagine and design them. Great fashion on a tiny scale, and the models never complain.

I hope my new book, Doll Dress Boutique, conveys that vision. I found inspiration for many of these designs in many places: classic designs and styles, top designers in the fashion industry, photos of fashion icons, and ready-to-wear children's clothing.

Being able to see something, be inspired, and create your own vision of it is a wonderful thing. Mixing and matching design elements to suit your personal preference is a way to make the pattern your own, and that's just what I hope Doll Dress Boutique will motivate readers to do. Move through your sewing journey in the direction you want: you are driving the bus :)

As a young seamstress, I would do that. I didn't really play by the sewing rules and while breaking the rules, I didn't give it much thought. Drove the home ec teacher nuts, I'm sure! Pushing the boundaries of what projects could be sewn, I sewed what I wanted, despite being told it was too difficult. And I'm so glad I did. Making my first zip fly when I was thirteen years old, without help from an adult, helped me feel that there was no sewing technique I couldn't attempt. This empowered me to be the designer whenever I sewed, and I loved wearing all the clothes I made.

With Doll Dress Boutique, you can be the designer. Leave your comfort zone and tap into your creativity. What's the worst that can happen? The idea may not work, but you'll learn a lot from the experience with which to continue moving forward.

I keep this quote posted on my design inspiration board:

“If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.” ― Sir Ken Robinson

An important reminder while creating.

Doll Dress Boutique is making its debut this month, and I've been overwhelmed by the response it's receiving from the doll dress–sewing community.

Chockfull of design details and techniques, Doll Dress Boutique shows you how to add ruffles, lace, trims, fabric flowers, sashes, and little buttons to transform your tiny fashions into something extraordinary.

Plenty of tips and tutorials enable you to move beyond the basics and develop new skills, with instructions for techniques such as princess seams, sweetheart necklines, appliqué, hand embroidery, and piping.

All these techniques and ideas allow you to take a great-fitting, classic design with a pretty silhouette and create something special for an eighteen-inch doll. Create your own vision!

Doll Dress Boutique includes over forty dress projects to sew for the eighteen-inch doll, with many more possibilities. From fancy gowns to playful frocks and dramatic statement dresses to the cute and simple, there's something for everyone.

And remember, you're driving the bus. Enjoy your journey!




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