Even More Crafts of the Moment

Even More Crafts of the Moment

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Mar 14th 2019

Continuing our series of sharing the projects we're working on right now, let's hear from four more of our wonderful staff members!

Linda: My oldest is getting married next month and the quilt I'm making to celebrate the wedding involves appliqué. My approach has been evolving as I figure out how to use a Cricut cutter with Wash-Away Appliqué Sheets to achieve the best look possible. I'm loving the results! Another crafty project a few weeks back was all about getting Christmas gift boxes figured out—again using the Cricut. I seriously don't know how I ever lived without this wonderful machine. The results are magnificently precise!

Sue: Combining rubber stamping and watercoloring. Just getting the hang of it so no photo-worthy samples yet.

Debbie: I am always working on multiple projects. I carry a knitting project, or two, with me almost everywhere. Currently, socks for my brother, and a cotton facecloth (with which I am trying to teach myself a more ergonomic method of tensioning the yarn.) Then I am also designing a jacket to use Ikat fabric for the PIQF Going Global challenge. And I've started a denim quilt for my brother. And...

Tristan: Last weekend my daughter and I played with cement, wax, and a bit of paint. Still working on a final version for our 4-H fundraiser candle and succulent containers. Another recent project was dabbling in embroidery (while camping). A one-inch necklace for my niece’s birthday was painstakingly stitched in a tiny backpack tent under flashlight. A bit rough but made a happy birthday girl atop Mt. Whitney. Looking forward to refining my stitches in a larger project with proper lighting. One more project in the works is my beginner weavings from a floor loom that will transform into a kraft-tex bottom zip pouch. Great way to use fabric scraps!

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