Erica Kaprow Appliqué Pattern Packs

Erica Kaprow Appliqué Pattern Packs

Posted by Madison Moore on Feb 16th 2024

I am not usually much of a hand-stitcher, but I've had my eye on Erica Kaprow's appliqué pattern packs for a long time. I'm mostly a garment sewist––though I do dabble with quilting––both of which keep me nice and comfortable at my speedy sewing machine. But, I'm so glad I decided to pick up this slow hand-stitching project.

It all started with the need to be cozy this winter. I wanted to make a soft and warm sweatshirt for wintery work-from-home days. But, no one wants a plain and boring sweatshirt! So, I landed on one of Erica's designs and got started. I tested a few different felt colors to match my sweatshirt fabric, decided, then cut each piece out and spray basted them to the sweatshirt front pattern piece.

I was lucky enough to start this project while attending a mending night at my local craft shop. It was lots of fun to stitch and chat! While finishing the appliqué took maybe more than 3x longer than constructing the sweatshirt itself, it was totally worth it! I love the final look, and I enjoyed the peaceful stitching. The felt makes the sweatshirt even cozier, and the flowers and colors evoke the coming spring. I can't wait to find another project for one of Erica's designs. One tip: stitch in bright lighting!

Madison Moore, Senior Editor at C&T Publishing