Embroider Flowers and so much more in Botanical Embroidery!

Posted by Lauren Herberg on Sep 24th 2020

Stitch timeless heirlooms with these iron-on patterns and guidance from best-selling author, Brian Haggard.

The botanicals found in Brian Haggard’s new pattern pack, Botanical Embroidery, look impossibly realistic and natural. His 22 years experience as a florist is evident in the masterful way that he achieves a natural progression of colors through each and every stem. Luckily, Brian shares his secrets in his latest endeavor with C&T Publishing so that any skill level can have wonderful results.

Inspired by the simple beauty of pressed botanicals behind glass, Brian created these patterns after being struck by “the lacy, ethereal look of the plants with their angel-like delicacy”. Brian recreated the botanical specimens that he admired while staying in an old flat in Florence and I honestly can’t tell if this is a real pressed plant or Brian’s embroidery!

Answer: It’s embroidered!

You don’t need to be a master to create masterpieces with Botanical Embroidery. Brian lays out a guide for all the stitches that you will need and step-by-step directions for every type of plant in his patterns. I also love his tips about choosing thread colors to create the beautiful realism that his works display. On top of all that, Brian gives full instructions for 4 beautiful projects. These inclusions make this product so much more than a pattern pack. Botanical Embroidery has everything you will need to succeed in adding these gorgeous botanicals to your projects.

I would love to make the framed botanicals from the gallery of project ideas. I would hang it in my home as a little hidden gem for people to find. I imagine a curious guest moving in for a closer look and finding it pleasantly unexpected when they realize that it is fabric and thread rather than foliage!

The Iron-on transfers included with Botanical Embroidery make it so quick and easy to get stitching right away! There’s no lengthy process of tracing and transferring to your fabric. The patterns can even be reused to iron on to several projects! I also highly recommend using the Wash-Away Stitch Stabilizer especially in addition to the eBook version of Botanical Embroidery. You can print the embroidery patterns on to the stabilizer sheets and simply stick them to your chosen fabric. The sheets stabilize your fabric so you don’t have to use a hoop and it is so easy to stitch through. Once you’ve completed your embroidery, place it in warm water and the stabilizer will dissolve away leaving just your fabric and thread!

Experience the old-world charm of Brian Haggard’s style in Botanical Embroidery. The possibilities of how to use these patterns are limited only by your imagination and then you can still always look through Brian’s ample gallery! Slow down and get inspired by nature’s beauty with Botanical Embroidery.


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