Embark on a creative journey through a daily embroidery practice!

Embark on a creative journey through a daily embroidery practice!

Posted by Betsy Friedrich on May 16th 2024

To many, the word "embroidery" evokes visions of pre-printed patterns, threads chosen by others, and a paint-by-numbers approach with neat and uniform stitches. To author Jennifer Clouston, embroidery means a blank page, a new beginning, an opportunity to create freely without reason or purpose.

A creative practice can unlock doors to self-discovery that you never knew were there. In her new book, Foolproof Freeform Embroidery, Jennifer Clouston invites you to become a kindred spirit in her freehand embroidery practice. Her book is meant to inspire you to explore your imagination to unlock the potential in your available resources and materials. You’ll work to develop a creative process that works for you so that you can enjoy and relish time spent in creativity. 

You’ll start by preparing yourself with her simple five-step process. Steps 1-4 will guide you through gathering your supplies, preparing your background, selecting your stitches, and developing a color palate to guide your thread choices. From there, Step 5 invites you to create a “Daily stitching stream of consciousness." By simply picking up your needle and thread to stitch, you engage your brain in the creative process without regard to the outcome. Jennifer finds this the secret to clearing your mind to make way for joy and creativity. 

Before you panic with the fear of a blank hoop, hold tight. This is just the beginning of Jennifer’s book and the very first part of your creative journey! Jennifer goes on to include step-by-step embroidery instructions for 45 of her favorite simple stitches. Then she shows you how to add creative spice and flair by adding embellishments to create pressure points, movement, and softness in a section she calls “Nuggets of Goodness”. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities by exploring various ways to dimension and texture on a variety of textile surfaces.

Get ready to embark on your artistic journey through embroidery and discover the freedom of expression that comes from freeform embroidery! 

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After the runaway success of her third book, Foolproof Flower Embroidery, textile artist, fourth-time author, and sought-after tutor Jennifer Clouston is back with her novel take on traditional embroidery. She currently resides on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. http://jenniferclouston.com/