Easily Plan Your Quilt Size

Easily Plan Your Quilt Size

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Apr 11th 2019

This helpful tips is taken from Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern by Jera Brandvig. In the book, Jera shares her methods for quilting as you go, but the quilt size guides below could be used for traditional quilts too! Oh, and scroll down to the end of the post to our giveaway for an ebook copy of Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern.

How Many Blocks Will You Need?

The number of blocks you will need depends on the quilt size and how large the blocks will be.

Use the Quilt Size Guides to see how many blocks you need to make a baby, lap, twin, full/queen, or king-size quilt. For example, if you are making a pattern where the finished block measures 12 ̋ × 12 ̋ and you want to make a lap-size quilt, you will need 30 batting squares measuring 13 1/2 ̋ × 13 1/2 ̋ each.

The majority of the projects in this book use 9 ̋ and 12 ̋ finished blocks, which is why we have these specific guides. You can make any size blocks you want, however, simply by cutting the batting 1 ̋ larger than the trimmed block size (or 11/2 ̋ larger than the finished block size).

These are loose guidelines because standard quilt sizes tend to vary. Easily customize the size of your quilt by adding or subtracting rows of blocks.

Quilt Size Guide for 9 ̋ Finished Blocks

Cut batting squares 10 1/2 ̋ × 10 1/2 ̋. The blocks will be 9 1/2 ̋ × 9 1/2 ̋ after they are squared up.

Quilt Size Guide for 12 ̋ Finished Blocks

Cut batting squares 13 1/2 ̋ × 13 1/2 ̋. The blocks will be 12 1/2 ̋ × 12 1/2 ̋ after they are squared up.

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