Dream Season

Dream Season

Posted by Jeanie German on Mar 2nd 2017

Here’s a common refrain: California doesn’t have seasons. And while that’s more or less true depending on the region, we certainly aspire to the “look” with an overabundance of decorations for each holiday. 

Rebekah Smith, the author of Seasons of Wool Appliqué Folk Art, puts more than the “look” in her projects. There’s charm, there’s comfort, and there’s warmth in each wool piece; if you gave one as a gift, your sincerity would show with every stitch. Rebekah—who lives in Ohio, where there are seasons—takes inspiration from the turning of the leaves, the budding flowers, and the moody snow that all come with each flip of the calendar page.

So even those of us in California (and everyone else, of course!) can get a taste of our own dream season with her delightful projects.

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