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Don't Stress Your DYI

Posted by Jen Lopez on Dec 11th 2019

Much has been written online about the many fine attributes of Handmade Holidays: handmade gifts are more thoughtful; they come from the heart; they are fun to make; they are unique and one could even argue they are less stressful on resources, especially transportation (we are looking at you, Amazon Prime). But with everything else you have to do at holiday time, can you really DIY it all? Here are some tips to keep your tinsel out of a tangle during holiday crafting time:

  • Prioritize – You are not going to be able to make handmade cookies for the cookie swap, knit hats for everyone on your list and sew matching flannel jammies for the entire family. There simply isn’t enough time. Pick ONE thing or a gift for ONE really special person (maybe two….) and only do that. Save the rest of your ideas for another year.
  • Start Early – I know, I laughed a little when I wrote that, too. 
  • A-Listers Only – As much as you and I love to make things, not everyone cherishes a handmade gift. I have had some relatives in the past who have actually mocked my gifts and that really made me sad. Don’t waste your time making something special for someone who won’t appreciate it. You will need to cull the herd. Chances are, if someone is a maker themselves, they will enjoy your handmade gift. Everyone else can get gift cards or fruitcake. 
  • Be Early for Next Year – If you don’t finish your gifts on time, take the pressure off yourself and go the gift card route. You can finish up in January and be early for next year!

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