​Don’t Look, Ma! I’m Sewing Paper with your Machine

Posted by Michele Fry on Nov 21st 2014

Here you are! More than 20 cheeky pickle sewing projects. What’s a cheeky pickle? I was never quite sure but it made me smile. Then I saw Ali Benyon’s designs for her book Stitched Paper Art for Kids, and I kept smiling. The kiddos can make some cute things if they follow Ali Benyon's lead.

And I think I know what this cheekiness is all about. How amusingly impudent of Ali to encourage using the sewing machine to sew paper. I was told that was a no-no! Well, it’s not-not. You can sew paper; you just need more needles. Extra needles and paper of almost any kind is cheaper than fabric. And when kids are learning to sew, and they fall in love with it and want to do it all the time, you will love cardstock, recycled gift bags, brown paper bags, and Ali’s bounty of ideas.

So when you’re in a pickle looking at your expensive fabrics and your eager kids, turn to your very own copy of Stitched Paper Art for Kids and some easy-to-find paper in your own home or at your local craft shop. You’re quickly out of that pickle. (That’s all I can figure with the pickle!)