Detached Blanket Stitch from Hedgerow Sewing Suite

Detached Blanket Stitch from Hedgerow Sewing Suite

Mar 25th 2020

The following information is from Hedgerow Sewing Suite-- learn the detached blanket stitch to create an ear on this adorable hedgehog! 

Detached Blanket Stitch: Hedgehog Ear

This variation of blanket stitch is used to create the ear of the mother hedgehog on the Knitting Needle Case. The stitches are worked on a foundation of looped straight stitches.

1. Bring the needle to the front at A. Take the needle to the back at B leaving a loop of approximately 1/4˝ (6 mm).

2. Repeat, using the same holes in the fabric to form the foundation for the blanket stitches.

3. Bring the needle to the front, just below A. Pull the thread through.

4. Take the needle behind the straight stitches, ensuring the loop of thread is underneath the needle. Do not pierce the fabric.

5. Pull the thread through until it wraps snugly around the foundation. Completed first stitch.

6. Ensuring stitches are very close together, continue working blanket stitches around foundation, without piercing fabric, until reaching B. Take thread to the back at B.

7. Couch the loop at the mid point. Completed detached blanket stitch ear.

After you master the hedgehog, create more lovable projects! 


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