Design Checklist from Art Quilt Collage

Design Checklist from Art Quilt Collage

Posted by Deborah Boschert on Dec 19th 2017

Do you ever get stuck while quilting? Do you find art quilts intimidating? No matter what is tripping you up in your creative process, you'll love this design checklist from Art Quilt Collage by Deborah Boschert, which gently guides you through evaluating and improving your design. Be sure to buy the book for a full explanation of how and why to use the checklist. 


As you compose, you should always be editing and auditioning possibilities—it’s part of the process. After creating many art quilts and developing my own personal style, I find that some of this comes naturally, but an organized format helps me decide if everything is working.


The Design Checklist is divided into five sections: Balance, Harmony, Repetition, Edges, and Fine-Tuning.

Each section includes questions to ask about your design. The questions prompt you to examine all the details in your composition. As you answer the questions, you may find areas that could be changed, improved, edited, or polished. After each question are some suggestions to consider. 

There are no right or wrong answers. Some questions will not apply to what you are working on. Some of the suggestions may not make sense at all. That’s fine! The Design Checklist gets you thinking and analyzing. Some of the suggestions may contradict each other, but they are designed to give you lots of options and possibilities. You will find the Design Checklist useful at many stages in the design process. You may also focus on different questions and options from the Design Checklist as you work on different projects.

Asking and answering the questions on the Design Checklist can guide you to creating something you really love! You can download the Fine-Tuning portion of the design checklist right here

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