Creating Reimagined Dresden blocks for your Unique Project

Creating Reimagined Dresden blocks for your Unique Project

Posted by Candyce Grisham on Oct 2nd 2019

Candy Grisham with Reimagined Dresden Quilt Blocks just released by C & T Publishing.

This book features many reimagined varieties of Dresden blocks or plates. You, the maker, can pick and choose which Reimagined Dresden blocks to create a unique project. Don’t get me wrong, you can make a traditional quilt with blocks and sashing strips. (the book gives you charts for block and plate sizes) BUT you can also make an art quilt or wall hanging with Dresden blocks unlike anyone else.

I love picking out a stack of 8-10 fabrics to create blocks with different edges, different piecing within the wedges and different sizes. Each “plate” starts with 20 wedges cut using an 18° template. Then the fun begins as I work to lay these out on a background. Sometimes I start with a predetermined size for the background (40 x 40”) or sometimes I lay out what I like and then measure for the background. Do you get the idea? The sky is the limit because you can change so many variables.

Here is the process for a quilt I call “Reds”. I started with a background of red grunge fabric and quilted it with wavy lines. I often pre quilt the background to save me that step once the plates are applied. I made 10 Dresden blocks using black and white fabrics with a touch of red and then started with the design layout. As you will see I only used 8 blocks, so I have 2 for another project. I made:

3 Serendipity blocks

1 straight edged block

1 Bulls eye with straight edges

1 three-sided block

1 Sawtooth block

1 split wedge with points

I started with a Serendipity block with some fussy cut flowers. This Dresden block uses 20 wedges but only has 10 points.

Next I added two larger blocks along the lower edge. The one on the lower left is a split wedge with points. The block on the lower right side is a layered block with three-sided wedge pieces as the underlayer and another serendipity block on top. 

For the next step I added the two large blocks.

The Bulls Eye block on the right center is my favorite but I also really like the Sawtooth block upper left, so both were prominently placed. The Sawtooth block has points and is laid on another Straight edged block so again I have layered two blocks. I then filled in with another Serendipity and a free circle. As you can see some of the blocks layer over the edges of other blocks. I think it is important that they not all stand separately to have a cohesive design. I tried many layouts and took pictures as I went along, before, I got to the final layout where I was happy.

Lastly the blocks are appliqued to the background by hand or machine and the binding is applied for a finished wall hanging. If done in other colors with other blocks the look would be completely unique.

All the blocks shown, and more, are featured Dresden Quilt Blocks Reimagined by C & T Publishing available now from local shops or online.

Happy Plates!


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