Create the Perfect Label for Every Quilt

Create the Perfect Label for Every Quilt

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Oct 18th 2016

Like the cherry on top of a sundae, a quilt label is the finishing touch that really makes a quilt! So many quilters put little to no thought or effort into their labels or—gasp!—leave the label off all together. But a well-designed quilt label not only provides important information on the maker and year of the quilt, it also adds a charming touch to quilts that are gifted to others. Below, I've paired quilts from several of our books with customized labels I made using our Quilt Label Collective CD templates. There's a perfect label for every quilt!

This quilt from Modern Holiday calls out for a cheery Christmas-themed label in coordinating colors, like the one above, from Quilt Label Collective CD—Volume III.

For this striking modern quilt from Modern Rainbow, I went for an equally modern quilt label design, this time from Quilt Label Collective CD—Volume II. How great would this look with a rainbow satin stitch around the edge?

This gorgeous floral appliqué quilt from Euphoria Tapestry Quilts deserves a label that is equally elegant but a little more subdued, like this one from Quilt Label Collective CD—Volume I.

I customized each of these labels on my computer, but you can also add color and lettering by hand, then further customize with embroidery, paint, or any other medium you can imagine! 

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