Crazy Quilt Handbook, 3rd Edition

Posted by Lynn Koolish on Dec 5th 2014

I don’t know about you, but when anyone mentions Crazy Quilts, I immediately think of Judith Baker Montano—the go-to authority on all things Crazy Quilt and embroidery (thread and silk ribbon).

Judith wrote the first edition of the Crazy Quilt Handbook 28 years ago, revised it 13 years ago, and now she’s created the Revised 3rd Edition. What an accomplishment! As Judith says in the book “This new edition features new patterns and up-to-date photographic how-to’s and information.” It presents concise text and illustrations while staying true to the original book. This book is an amazing resource that includes Crazy Quilt Basics, embellishments galore, and a Stitch Dictionary, this time done in Judith’s beautiful watercolors. And on top of all that, there are 12 projects!

The examples in the book are so sumptuous, as seen in this detail from Monet’s Garden in May.

{Photo by Robert Valentine, Giclee Print Net, Inc.}

And this detail of concertina roses.

{Photo by Judith Baker Montano}

I love the Floral Swing Purse Project.

{Photo by Judith Baker Montano}

For this new edition, Judith created beautiful watercolor drawings for the Stitch Dictionary such as these for the Chevron stitch:

And there is so much more—you just have to see it for yourself.