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Crafty Ways to Give Kids’ Clothes Longer Life

Posted by Michele Fry on Aug 7th 2014

Disney Powless is a mom. I’m guessing, based on the fun pictures she took for her book, Little Fixes, that she is a fun mom. But I’m thinking her great ideas to keep kids looking cute on a budget shows she’s also a practical mom.

Her book is incredibly approachable with its light and airy look and prettily photographed children. And once you open the book, you realize this really is doable and worthwhile. Little Fixes shows many ideas for easy and creative alterations of kids’ clothes that still ought to have some life. The clothes aren’t worn out, but they aren’t working anymore. You know, after they have those growth spurts! I’ve heard the moans: “But I just bought those jeans!” Make them into Newly Cuffed Pants. Or “That dress was so adorable.” Now it’s an adorable skirt.

What about when a stain wins the battle of the soak-and-scrub? Or when a hole tries to end the life of a perfectly good sweater? Try one of Disney’s favorites—add ruffles. Or stripes. Or dots.

And even more significantly, what do you do for the kid who loves-loves-loves that one T-shirt that now has a great big rip or is so tight he can barely wear it and breathe. Disney has the solution—T-shirt Transplant. It’s a delicate operation that stops tears and allows for breathing.

Bonus: These ideas also work great for the dreaded: “I don’t like that anymore, Mommy.” These little fixes can give second-hand clothes a new life and a fresh appearance. And any hand-crafted touch has the potential to show your little one’s unique style and personality.

You do enough of Disney’s little fixes and you might save enough for Disneyland. But here’s the big secret. As an adult with fork issues—food keeps dropping off the fork and onto my shirts—several of Disney’s fixes might work for me as well. Hmmm.