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Crafts of the Moment

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Nov 20th 2018

Take a peek and hear about  some of the beautiful projects we are working on right now at C&T Publishing!

Alice: A surprise sewing project for a certain someone for a very special event. Can't reveal anything yet...

Amber: I am working on my first true quilt! ( I have only done table runners and pot holders so far.) It is Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Forest. My daughter wanted a forest/camping-themed bedroom and I could not find a store-bought one that she liked, so here I am! Almost a quarter of the way complete, haha.

Betsy: I'm FINALLY at the binding stage on a quilt I've been working on for my daughter for like. . . two years now? I refuse to do anything else until this is DONE.

Amy: I am working on embroidery and a quilt for my brother-in-law, Pete. The embroidery is The Kiss by Klimt; I'm not very far though, because I haven't been stuck in a car or on an airplane. The quilt for Pete is made from indigo squares I got at Quilt Market, shirt scraps I bought in Peru, a piece of linen I got in the giveaway basket at work, and a woven fabric by Anna Maria Horner. Like most of my quilts, it is organic-looking, and the lines will be a bit wonky because the fabric is really flexible.

Angela: For the past three and a half years, I’ve been keeping a fairy garden alive in memory of my parents. The pot I dedicated to this garden had for years been home to my favorite lilies that my Dad grew. Although his attempts were futile, he tried so many times to reproduce the plant for me to bring home to grow myself.

After Dad passed, the lilies were few and far between. Then Mom soon followed and the pot stood alone, neglected through that winter, overflowing with weeds until I brought it home the following fall. I cleaned it up, added fresh dirt, flowers, and Mom’s fairy furniture.

About six months later, to my complete surprise, the beautiful green foliage that I knew I didn’t plant started to take over the fairy garden, until it was completely invisible. By Mother’s Day the first year, the first blooms showed up. Words cannot describe, so here are the pictures from start to finish of what each year brings me…Each year the lilies stay and bloom longer through the seasons, and they are even starting to come up in other areas of the yard too. . . :-) Thanks, Mom & Dad

April: It's not necessarily crafty, but I've been slowly working through my house painting every room. I had the most fun in the early stages, making a color plan for each room. I've finished all but one room, and next up is some artwork for the walls. More painting!

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