Cozy Up with Sarah and her Friends for More Mystery, Quilting, and Community

Cozy Up with Sarah and her Friends for More Mystery, Quilting, and Community

Jun 3rd 2021

Sarah and Sophie are at it again in this 12th book of the Quilting Cozy series written by Carol Dean Jones and published by C&T Publishing.

The members of the Tuesday Night Quilt Club plan an antique quilt show, but things go dreadfully wrong.

Sarah and Sophie, along with Charles, become intensely involved in the investigation when the local police department appears to be moving in the wrong direction.

As always, there are quilting projects throughout the book and the pattern for the cover quilt is included.

It’s difficult to talk about one book without looking at this series as a whole. Briefly, this series takes place in an active retirement village in the Midwest. Most of the characters are in their seventies and eighties; however, each book includes their adult children and grandchildren as well.

Every book in this 12-book series includes a mystery with Sarah and Sophie at the forefront of each investigation to the annoyance of the Middletown Police Department.

Each book also includes lots of quilting! Sarah, Sophie, and their quilt club take on charity projects in every book and there are always ideas and hints for the quilter. Readers who are not quilters have reported that they enjoy the quilting even though it’s all new to them. Several readers have become quilters as a result of reading this series and that pleases me very much!

I can’t resist telling you about one reader who lives in Venice, Italy, and who read the whole series while traveling to and from work in a water taxi. She contacted me for suggestions on how she could learn to quilt. I now have pictures of her first few finished projects!

As a retired geriatric social worker, I wanted to include some of the issues of aging and show my characters dealing with these issues in positive ways. They are seen having fun, learning new skills, developing relationships, and dealing with physical and mental issues in positive ways throughout the series.

Sophie appears in every book and she brings along her fun-loving and often outrageous personality. We all need a Sophie in our lives.

I’ve heard from many aging readers how much they enjoy having older characters with whom they can relate. Younger readers enjoy the quilting, the relationships, and getting insight into the concerns of their older relatives.

I hope you’ll take a look at the series. Each book stands alone but you probably would get more out of the series by reading them in order so you can experience the relationships as they grow. But they can certainly be read in any order.

Over the next couple of months, I will be offering several giveaways of the first two books in the series (Tie Died and Running Stitches).

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My very best wishes,

Carol Dean Jones




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