Cosplay Academy 2024: Virtual Party for Cosplay Enthusiasts

Cosplay Academy 2024: Virtual Party for Cosplay Enthusiasts

Jul 2nd 2024

Ready to make your cosplay a reality? Look no further! Cosplay Academy: Costume Techniques for Epic Makes is coming up on July 13th at 11am PT, and it's the virtual cosplay event of the year you absolutely can’t miss!

Explore a world of imagination and craftsmanship with eight electrifying, expert-led sessions. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, you'll find invaluable tips and tricks to elevate your cosplay game.

Learn From the Best:

  • Svetlana & Benni (AKA: Kamui Cosplay): Keynote Presentation: From Imagination to Reality
  • Annye Driscoll (AKA: Maker Fishmeal): The Art of Foamsmithing: Using Rotary Tools and Wood Burners
  • Chad Can Wye (AKA: HokuProps): Metal Illusions: Achieving Stunning Faux Metal Effects
  • Cori Leyden-Sussler (AKA: Lady Cels): Ultimate Cosplay Polish: Mastering the Last 10%
  • Janella Reiswig & Alan Wigness (AKA: Wig-Wig Cosplay): Crafting with Leather: An Introduction for Cosplayers
  • Khara Plicanic: Illustrator for Cosplay: Design to Template
  • Lori Lea (AKA: Scissor Wizard Cosplay): Dyeing for Cosplay: Advanced Techniques
  • Madison May (AKA: CUT/SEW): Adjusting Patterns for Your Perfect Fit
  • Melanie Jssmine (AKA: MJasmine): Fabric Quest Success: Finding the Perfect Materials for Your Cosplay
  • Sanit Klamchanuan (AKA: SpicyThaiDesign): Costume Engineering: Perfecting Fit and Movement for Cosplay

Refine Every Detail:

  • Final Touches: Polish your cosplay to perfection with the right fabric choices and detailed finishes.
  • Precision Prototyping: Ensure your creations are both functional and comfortable.
  • Faux Metal Mastery: Add stunning faux metal finishes to your armor and props for that authentic look.

Craft Your Dream Cosplay! From striking suits of armor to enchanting gowns and intricate props, Cosplay Academy is your golden ticket to cosplay greatness. Whether you're dreaming of a majestic knight, a magical princess, or a sci-fi hero, this event will guide you every step of the way.

Join us at Cosplay Academy on July 13th at 11am PT and embark on your journey to cosplay mastery. Use the code CA24CS at checkout to get $20 off the event! See you there!