Color Theme of the Day: Rainbow

Color Theme of the Day: Rainbow

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Jul 27th 2016

We're going all out with our color theme of the day today: rainbow! For those of us who love color, a rainbow color scheme is the magical choice that allows us to use all of our favorite colors–all of them–all at once! Using all (or at least most) of the colors on a color wheel brings a vibrancy and spark to quilts and other sewing projects. The secret to avoiding a muddy mess is paying close attention to value and intensity.

This beautiful color wheel, based on the Ives color wheel, uses cyan, magenta, and yellow as its primary colors, and comes from Joen Wolfrom's invaluable resource, the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool.

Rainbow quilts are amazing for scraps of course, as demonstrated by this beauty from Scrap Republic by Emily Cier.

Wendy Williams used tiny bits of wool appliqué in a rainbow of colors to create a cozy, cheerful village on this needle case from Wild Blooms & Colorful Creatures

This astonishingly gorgeous quilt in the second edition of Color Play comes from the master of color herself–Joen Wolfrom–and shows how radically a rainbow color scheme can change up even a very classic pattern. 

Some rainbow piecing on a pincushion provides just the right pop of color to a sewing room–find it in Make Pincushions!

Of course we had to include a quilt from Modern Rainbow by Rebecca Bryan! Here, the neutral background fabric provides a perfect, modern backdrop for rainbow solids.

Rainbows on rainbows! This stunning appliqué art quilt, comes, appropriately, from Simply Stunning Seamless Quilts by Anna Faustino

Bonus! Who wouldn't love a cute stack of rainbow mice made from their collection of castaway colorful socks? Brenna Maloney is the genius behind these buddies, from her book Socks Appeal

Have you ever used a rainbow color scheme in one of your creations?

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