Color Theme of the Day: Chartreuse, Cerulean Blue, and Blue-Red

Color Theme of the Day: Chartreuse, Cerulean Blue, and Blue-Red

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Jan 7th 2016

For our second installment of color theme of the day, we've chosen chartreuse, cerulean blue, and blue-red! This is a triadic color scheme, composed of three colors that lie an equal distance from each other on the color wheel (eight colors apart on a 24-color wheel).

I love the way this color combination creates fun, vibrant quilts and projects with lots of movement. 

How adorable is this baby bird rattle from Baby Boutique? Here, Sue Kim has used a fabric that combines cerulean blue and blue-red to pop beautifully against the chartreuse body fabric. 

This quilt from Project Teen is a great example of how using a defined color scheme allows you to combine many patterned fabrics in a way that looks exciting, not busy. 

A patchwork dress (this one is from The Upcycled T-Shirt) is the perfect way to wear three of your favorite colors all at once!

Jera Brandvig's designs always feel so light and airy; this quilt, from Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern, uses low-volume prints to space out the three bright colors and give them room to breathe.

Cherry Guidry proves that chartreuse, cerulean blue, and blue-red make the perfect Easter color scheme in this quilt from her Celebrate the Seasons pattern pack.

Jennifer Clouston also draws upon the Spring associations of this color palette, but she uses lighter tints (color + white) of each for this charming eyeglasses pouch from Foolproof Crazy-Quilt Projects

Bonus! Each of these felt cup warmers from Urban Scandinavian Sewing uses only one color on each mug, in two different shades–but don't they make such a cute trio?

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