Color Palettes That Inspire Us

Color Palettes That Inspire Us

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on May 28th 2019

What are your go-to colors? Do you love black, white, and gray? Neutrals with a pop of color? Red and green, black and orange? We asked everyone in the office this question, and their answers were inspiring, unexpected, and as varied as the people themselves.

Jen: It depends on the context—clothing or home decor or quilt fabrics—but I usually gravitate toward all shades of blue.

Liz: Right now, they're beach glass colors; pastel green, blue, and aqua.

Sue: Red, black and denim blue. 

Alice: I gravitate toward blues—teal, cornflower blue, periwinkle, and such. (The blues with touches of green or purple tend to make my eyes appear a different color—magic!) I also like sort of an oatmeal color in woven fabrics and a caramel color in leather.

Angela: My go-to's are blue, orange, black, and green.

Tim: I'm an earth-tone person. I like sets of colors that remind me of environments, like a forest or the beach.

April: I love to go bright and bold. Magenta, bright orange, and teal are really fun starter colors, and then I like to add peeks of other fun colors—maybe a lime green or mustard yellow.

Deirdre: I love all shades of green.

Roxane: Depends on what for? For almost everything it is blue. For clothing: black.

Debbie: Purple. Also known as mauve, violet, lavender, magenta, lilac, periwinkle, eggplant, iris, heather, amethyst, orchid, thistle, heliotrope, grape, plum, wisteria, fuchsia, and of course Crayola's Purple Mountain Majesty!

Dawn: All the jewel colors.

Gailen: It all depends on the context, but the more I think of it, I'd have to say all of them. Sewing bags and accessories? Natural tones like olive with pops of color like orange is what I'm looking at right now. For quilts it's whatever goes with the first fabric that inspired me. I have absolutely no standard color palette. For clothes? Any color that can go with my preferred uniform of blue jeans and a white T-shirt (I have a rainbow assortment of cardigans for sure!). While I don't have go-to colors, I know that anytime I can use orange, it makes me happy. Orange is a wonderful color!

Amber: Green, brown, goldenrod; all of the fall nature colors.

Kerry: Black or gray. I also like pops of color, and the color depends on the day. I love all colors.

Jennifer: In general, I like earthy colors and colors on the cool end of the spectrum. My favorites include crimson, ochre, sage green, cyan, teal, eggplant, and raw umber.

Lynn: It depends on the context, but my go-to's are white, black, red, navy, and purples!

Linda: I'm partial to corals and teals and a bit of cream, with navy blues thrown in.

Sarah: For clothes, I am usually a big black, gray, and navy blue person. For decorating, I like sage green, beige, and taupe. And a color that I really like in general, one that makes me happy, is turquoise.

Betsy: I have to choose?!?

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