Citrus Squeeze Quilt from Scrap Quilt Secrets

Citrus Squeeze Quilt from Scrap Quilt Secrets

Posted by Diane D. Knott on Mar 15th 2017

A quick and easy design, this quilt is perfect for gift giving. These bright colors make a fun baby quilt, but it would also be sweet in pinks or blues. Add a few more blocks and rows to make it big enough for a child’s bed.

Finished quilt: 48˝ × 60˝ | Finished block: 12˝ × 12˝



  • Scraps in red, pink, orange, and yellow: 2 1/2 yards total
  • Solid white: 1 yard
  • Backing: 3 1/4 yards
  • Binding: 1/2 yard
  • Batting: 56˝ × 68˝

Share the Fun: If you need a wider variety of fabrics for your scrap quilt, organize an exchange with a group of friends. Be specific about what colors or styles you would like. Exchanges are a great way to add diversity to your fabrics and have fun at the same time.


All measurements include 1/4˝-wide seam allowances.


  • Cut 180 rectangles 2 1/2˝ × 3 1/2˝.
  • Cut 45 rectangles 4 1/2˝ × 6 1/2˝.

Solid white

  • Cut 2 strips 12 1/2˝ × width of fabric; subcut 15 strips 4 1/2˝ × 12 1/2˝.


  • Cut 6 strips 2˝ × width of fabric.

Block Assembly

1. Sew together 6 rectangles 2 1/2˝ × 3 1/2˝ along the 3 1/2˝ edges. Make 30 units. Don’t press the seams yet.

2. Arrange the units from Step 1 in pairs; then press the seams in the top row to the right and in the bottom row to the left so that they will nest to reduce bulk. Sew the rectangle units together, matching the seams. Make 15 small rectangle units.

Press seams.

Make 15.

3. Sew together 3 rectangles 4 1/2˝ × 6 1/2˝. Make 15 large rectangle units. Don’t press the seams yet.

Make 15. 

4. Arrange a unit from Step 3 together with a unit from Step 2 and then press the seams in the Step 3 unit so that they will nest. Sew the small rectangle unit to the large rectangle unit to make a block. Press all the seams toward the large rectangles. Make 15 blocks.

Block assembly—make 15. 

Secrets for a Modern Look

✸Choose clear colors and crisp prints.

✸Enlarge blocks, eliminate pieces, or choose basic patchwork for a bold look.

✸Add solid fabrics or a white background to give scraps an updated image.

✸Choose a simple quilting design.

Quilt Assembly

1. Sew a sashing strip to the right side of 9 blocks and to the left side of 6 blocks. Press the seams toward the sashing.

Add sashing. 

2. Sew the blocks into 5 rows of 3 blocks, as shown in the quilt assembly diagram (below). Press the seams toward the sashing.

3. Sew the rows together. Press the seams in one direction.

4. Layer the quilt top, batting, and backing. Baste, quilt as desired, and bind.

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