Celebrating Project Runway Junior with Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion!

Celebrating Project Runway Junior with Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion!

Posted by Rachel Low on Nov 11th 2015

To celebrate the launch of Project Runway Junior, we're giving away a free project from Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion by Rachel Low! Perfect for the little fashionista in your life, this Amazing Appliqué Sweatshirt has so many ways to customize it!


  • Solid-colored sweatshirt (preferably a flat-front crewneck)
  • Fabric scraps, 1 per each design, and as big as the design you want to use (Neon or sparkly spandex fabrics are fun.)
  • Pom-pom or large button


1.  Choose 1 or more  appliqué patterns for the design on your sweatshirt.

2.  Trace each pattern onto the paper side of the fusible web.

3.  Cut the appliqué shapes out of the fusible roughly outside the traced line.

Make Your Own
This is your opportunity to get really creative and either use the designs included or draw your own. Keep the design simple so that it can be cut out of fabric. Use some plain white paper and a pencil. How about the first letter of your name, a favorite word or saying, or the face of an animal? Keep in mind the scale—how large you want your appliqué. And if your design has a left and a right side, like the letter R, you’ll need to flip it over and trace it again so your design doesn’t end up reversed when it’s finished. You could also draw smaller designs and put them all over the sweatshirt, even on the back—the fun is really adding your own style to it. Make sure to collect enough fabric, as the exact amount depends on what the design will be, so it may vary.


Read and follow the instructions that came with your fusible web before starting this project.Backstitch at the beginning and end of all stitching.

1.  Iron the fusible shapes to the wrong side of the appliqué fabric(s). Make sure the piece of fabric is bigger all around, or you’ll get sticky gunk on your iron or ironing board. Trim the fusible web if needed. Be careful of the hot iron, too.

Tip: If you aren’t using plain cotton fabric, test fusing scraps of your appliqué fabric onto a bigger scrap so you get the iron settings right. I usually use a hot, dry iron with HeatnBond Ultrahold and it works really well.

2.  When the fusible is cooled off, cut out all the shapes right on the traced lines. Peel the paper off the back of each appliqué.

3.  Lay your sweatshirt out flat and smooth out any wrinkles. Pin the appliqués in place, right side up, so you can hold it up to yourself and look in the mirror to make sure it is where you would like it. Be careful of the pins!

4.  Iron the center of the design lightly to the sweat-shirt. Remove the pins andiron the entire design until it is completely stuck to the sweatshirt.


Read the directions that came with the fusible web to see how you will need to wash and dry the sweatshirt to keep the appliqué looking good.
Hand sew a pom-pom or button on top of the cupcake, if you like.

Stronger Finish

Depending on the type of fusible web you used,you might need to sew it in place to permanently secure it. This can get tricky, so go slowly. Hand sewing is also an option. Try using a bold and colorful thread so the stitches stand out. Sew along the edge of the design using a zigzag stitch.

Style It!
Take this project one step further ...

  • This looks great with a loose-fitting or oversized sweatshirt.
  • Choose a new length for your sleeves, and cut the sleeves off an inch longer than you want. Roll up the raw edges and sew in place with a fun-colored thread.
  • Add another design.
  • Add a pocket and hand sew on chain or ribbon to look like the strap of a cross-body purse.
  • Cut any ribbing or the hem off at the bottom of the sweatshirt and replace it with a strip of fun fabric or a trim.

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