Cats and Quilts…A Purr-fect Pairing!

Cats and Quilts…A Purr-fect Pairing!

Posted by Kathryn Patterson on Aug 24th 2021

If you love cats, or love someone who loves cats, Pamela Jane Morgan’s new book, Purr-fect Patchwork, is an absolute must-have!

The 16 projects inside range from quilts to make up bags, totes to pincushions, and much more, all from a cat-centric perspective. Make adorable gifts and home décor items with ease, thanks to Pamela’s step-by-step instructions and colorful how-to photos.

Pamela’s chatty style of instruction will keep you smiling all through your stitching. In her own words, “If I were to pick a term to describe my style, it would have to be maximalist. I believe that the cool cats refer to it as being ''extra.'' My projects are loaded with color, print, texture, and a wide variety of techniques. In short, I like to try ''all the things!'' In the Techniques section, I'll teach you how to do ''all the things,'' so your quilts and projects can be extra, just like mine. Don't worry – I won't call you a copycat.”

Play with a variety of fabrics, try new techniques, and made a whole clowder of cat-themed patchwork projects with Purr-fect Patchwork. Then curl up with your favorite furry friend and enjoy!



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