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By the Yard: Just Can't Cut It

Posted by Jen Lopez on Mar 20th 2019

What if you’ve found the perfect fabric and you just can’t bear to break out the scissors? Maybe it’s too beautiful to see the design in little pieces. Maybe you have a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out), knowing that if you use it all up for this project, you won’t have anything left for a different, possibly better project that you might think of later… after it’s too late. What to do?

Collect It

Many quilters, myself included, regard shopping for fabric and actually using fabric as two different hobbies. We buy it, bring it home with delight, pet it, unfold it, gaze at it, refold it, put it back on the shelf, contemplate its wonderfulness, hold it up against other fabrics, think of all kinds of projects we could make it into—the possibilities are endless! You could do this over and over for years with the same piece of fabric. (Ask me how I know!)

Make a Wholecloth Quilt

Add a little backing and some batting, then you have a chance to practice your machine quilting. Make a baby quilt, a lap quilt, or a wallhanging!

Wear It

Add a little rolled hem to your favorite fabric, coupled with a shawl pin or a stylish knot, and you have a piece of wearable art!

Hang It

Frame your fabric in an inexpensive, large, wooden quilting hoop. Tuck the overhanging edges behind the hoop and hang it on your wall for a fun, changeable piece of home decor.

What will you do with your best uncuttable fabric?

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