Busy Stitchers Embroider Quick Projects with One-Hour Embroidery

Busy Stitchers Embroider Quick Projects with One-Hour Embroidery

Posted by Aimee Ray on Jun 8th 2021

I’m so excited to share my newest embroidery book with you, Doodle Stitching: One-Hour Embroidery! This is the 10th (!!) hand embroidery book I have written and it’s special and different from all the rest.

I created One-Hour Embroidery with busy people in mind! Everyone is busy but so many of us get so caught up in daily to-do’s that we don’t think we have time to craft or be creative. You truly can make something wonderful in just an hour!

Hand embroidery is one of the easiest, most inexpensive crafts there is. It’s simple to learn with just a few basic lessons, very versatile, and calming and meditative as well. Though some embroidery projects can be extremely involved, taking weeks or months to complete, they certainly don’t have to be! As you’ll see in this book, many small projects can be finished in just around an hour. If you have only a short amount of time in your busy lifestyle to pause and get crafty, or if you just love instant gratification, this book is for you.

You’ll be inspired and equipped to create all kinds unique and fun projects with the patterns and instructions here. Many are wearable, useful or make perfect little gifts. And trust me, you won’t regret the time you put in! Making things with your hands is so grounding and rewarding, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make time for it sooner.

This book will show you the basic techniques and stitches that are simple enough for almost any age or skill level, as well as projects that are simple, easy to put together and all very customizable. In the back of the book you’ll find a library of additional motifs that you can use with almost any of the project ideas. Mix and match the designs to create something you love.

I hope you’ll check out Doodle Stitching: One-Hour Embroidery and try your hand at creating quick and easy embroidery projects that you will treasure and enjoy.


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