Building a Joyful Seam

Building a Joyful Seam

Posted by Valerie Bothell on Jun 25th 2019

When I am stitching a seam on a crazy quilt, I will start with a one of the basic crazy-quilt stitches. For this illustration, I decided to use a feather stitch.

After I have done the initial stitch, I start thinking about what else I can do to change the look of the stitch. In some instances, I may decide to leave it the way it is, but most of the time, I decide to add something else to the base stitch.

In this case, I decided to add a lazy daisy to every third feather stitch. By placing the lazy daisy on every third feather stitch, they end up on opposite sides of the base stitch, giving it a balanced look. Will this do the trick for me, or do I want to add more to it?

I decided to add a pearl just to dress it up a bit!

To finish it off, I added some silk ribbon to the mix and now, to me, it looks finished! I hope this inspires you to try and build your seams by combining different stitches to change the whole look of it. I just love the challenge of finding different ways to combine stitches!

For more great seam combination ideas from Valerie Bothell, check out her book, Joyful Daily Stitching, Seam by Seam!

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