Posted by Kathryn Patterson on Oct 12th 2020

The first time I saw a gemstone quilt in person, I literally stopped in my tracks. It was on display at a local quilt show, set up on a stand at the end of a hallway, and it was big, probably 80” square. I turned a corner, looked down that hall, and my heart skipped a beat. The quilt pulled me to itself…there may have been a few minor casualties as I hurried down the hall to get a closer look. No way that gorgeous sparkling diamond was made of nothing but fabric! But it was. And it was made by someone who had taken classes from MJ Kinman.

MJ’s new book, Gemstone Quilts: Creating Fire and Brilliance in Fabric, Step by Step, gives every quilter an opportunity to make unique works of art that inspire awe and passion. Imagine a quilt version of your grandson’s birthstone gem, the diamond in your daughter’s engagement ring, a famous celebrity gem, or your own dream emerald, ruby, or sapphire. Better yet, take a look at these examples:

The freezer paper technique MJ uses is achievable for anyone who can sew a straight seam, and her book walks you through all steps of the design and construction process. There’s even a sample pattern for a first project. With a little practice, you’ll be able to go from a photograph of any gemstone to a traffic-stopping quilt with confidence and skill. Check out MJ’s book today…there’s no such thing as too much quilty bling!


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