Big, Playful Appliqués in Playtime, Naptime, Anytime Quilts

Posted by Lynn Koolish on Apr 14th 2016

My favorite thing about Kim Schaefer’s latest book, Playtime, Naptime, Anytime Quilts, coming out in June, is that the appliqués are so fun and playful and really big. Who wants tiny dinosaurs when you can have a great big ones romping on your bed? Or a giant space ship rocketing through the air? With dinosaurs, rockets, monsters, jungle animals, princesses, mermaids, and more, it’s easy to pick out a quilt to make for boys and girls.

The book includes quilts, wall hangings, growth charts, nap mats, placemats, floor cushions, and T-shirts so you can make something big or small for your favorite child or toddler.

Dinosaur Stomp

Rocketing Through Space

You can even make the designs smaller and put them on t-shirts (or on anything else, for that matter).

So romp with the dinos, climb with the jungle animals, and soar through space!

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